Alert for the rise in gas prices and how it affects the treatment of manure

ADAP, the Association for the Environmental Loss of Slurry, denounces a “critical situation” in the slurry treatment plants. The plants are stopped as a result of high gas prices, regulatory uncertainty, market intervention. For this reason, the association asks the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge “a stable regulatory framework that guarantees continuity and extends the life of plants.”

For ADAP, these plants act as an ecological ‘partner’ of the pig sector, by responding to the surplus of by-products. According to the report by the consulting firm AFI, the pig sector is “an important growth vector for the Spanish economy, with a high capacity for generating jobs” and the treatment plants “are one of the great allies of farmers in the decarbonization of the pig sector”.

AFI points out the convenience of “extending the useful life of ADAP plants and promoting a new regulation that favors the construction of new facilities and investment in innovative technologies.”



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