ANAFRIC applauds measures to curb illegal entry of animalists to farms

The Association of Meat Companies, Anafric, applauds the measures undertaken by the Department of Agriculture from Catalonia in the face of illegal irruptions of animal groups to livestock farms. Among the measures, are the first complaints of the Ministry to activists. Also the drafting and distribution of a manual of recommendations to be followed by the farmers before the assaults.

The Association expressed only a few weeks ago, to President Torra and Minister Jordà, his concern about “the growing criminalization” suffered by the meat sector. Anafric brings together 200 companies from the livestock-meat sector.

Since the administration, a manual of recommendations for farmers has drafted and disseminated with the steps to follow before illegal entries to farms. “These are very useful recommendations that also serve slaughterhouses”, they remember from Anafric.

Among the councils, the need to make a complaint is highlighted, not only in the face of illegal irruption, but also in the presence of images inside the farm for distribution on social networks. From Anafric it is insisted that “the images spread in the networks distort and misrepresent the reality of the farms. This propitiates a negative image of the sector”. The Association also applauds the Department’s measure of denouncing the activists involved in this type of assaults. And also, the processing of the first complaints.

Criminalized sector

The president of Anafric, José Friguls, transferred a few weeks ago to the president of the Government of Catalonia, Joaquim Torra, and to the Regional Minister of Agriculture, Teresa Jordà, the collective’s concern about the growing criminalization suffered by the sector. In this sense, from Anafric the collaboration of this administration was requested in the defense of the meat, and of the meat sector, in general. Anafric expressed the situation at the meeting held on June 5 with the entire Catalan meat sector. An appointment that, “for the first time in 20 years”, joined the Government of Catalonia to the productive and industrial segments of the pig sector.


ANAFRIC, 200 companies of the livestock-meat sector

Anafric is a national meat business association that defends the interest of companies in the livestock-meat sector of all fields, in a cross-sectional and plural manner and has 200 associated companies.


The activity of the companies included from the fattening farms, slaughterhouses, cutting rooms and cold stores. ANAFRIC represents (in tons of commercialized carcasses) 69% of the sheep sector, 46% of the beef sector, and 23% of the pig sector. It associates invoice a total of 3,628 million euros per year and employ almost 4,900 people in fixed staff.




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