Anafric asks for the support of institutions and media to defend the meat sector

Anafric, a Spanish meat association, has participated in the webinar “From the Dublin Declaration to the Madrid Manifesto”, organized by the Realidad Ganadera platform. The webinar, an informative breakfast with the sector’s press, featured the presentation of José Friguls, spokesperson for the platform and president of the association, who made a plea in favor of the sector against the biased information that appears on networks and in media. “It seems that we are to blame for everything. And thanks to science we are showing that everything that is said does not adjust to the reality of the meat sector. Science must be above ideologies,” said the president of Anafric.



The webinar, the second carried out by the platform, included the organization of a round table with the presence of Ana Granados, vice president of the European Platform for Animal Research Task Force; Juan Pascual, veterinarian and scientific communicator and author of the book “Reasons to be omnivorous”; Pablo Manzano, doctor in Ecology and researcher at the Basque Center for Climate Change Ikerbasque (BC3); Antonio Escribano, doctor of Medicine and author of various books and Consuelo Serres, president of the Conference of Deans of Veterinary Faculties of Spain. The debate has been moderated by José Manuel Álvarez, director of Carne y Salud. The conclusions have been presented by Miguel Ángel Higuera, coordinator of Somos Ganadería.

José Friguls’s intervention highlighted the meat sector as an example “of development, commitment and economic sacrifices. We are an economic driving sector in rural areas.” When faced with challenges in sustainability or animal welfare, Friguls is clear: “We know that we have many challenges ahead, but we are on the side of the scientists because the science is irrefutable.”

The president of Anafric has concluded his intervention by asking institutions and media for “more support” to a sector that “is in line with transparency.” José Friguls recalled the work carried out during the pandemic. “We are fundamental in the nutrition of our country and we have a quality product, widely recognized in international markets.”


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