Anafric asks the government on his trip to China not to forget the meat sector

Anafric has requested by letter to the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to advance in the negotiations with the Chinese government to expedite the process for the opening of the Asian country to the importation of beef and sheep and goat meat from Spain. For José Friguls, president of the association, “this is a great opportunity to end many years of waiting.”

Anafric, representing the Spanish beef and sheep meat companies, has taken advantage of the trip that Pedro Sánchez has to make this week in the first visit by a European leader to the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, since he met with Putin, to express to the president of the Spanish government that he defend the interests of the sector. “We have been in negotiations with the Chinese government for a long time. Spanish industries have invested a lot of money with the aim of publicizing the Spanish production system and the added value of Spanish beef and sheep meat.”

China is increasing imports of beef, more than 30% according to data from the sector, “and we believe that we should take advantage of this situation,” they explain from Anafric. “For this, it is necessary to unblock the negotiations and get down to work. We have the product and the certifications, the Government has to lead the way.”

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