Anafric considers that excluding meat from the VAT reduction is “an insult to the sector”

In response to the press appearance made by the President of the Government, Mr. Pedro Sánchez, where the meats have not been included in the list of reduction or elimination of VAT, from Anafric, the Spanish meat employer, we expose:


  • The sector has been demanding a VAT reduction for meat for some time, a staple in the shopping cart and part of the Mediterranean diet.
  • Other foods, also basic, have been included in the reduction or elimination of VAT.
  • We consider that there is a comparative grievance with other sectors. Meat has been, is and will be an essential food.
  • Local businesses, including butchers and delicatessens, are the establishments that are suffering the most from the crisis. Every day less is bought because families cannot consume meat. The meat sector is not only the big industry, it is also part of this sector and in a very important way, the small neighborhood establishment, which will be affected.
  • Given the comparative offense we are being subjected to, from Anafric we believe that the reduction in the VAT price should include ALL foods that are used to feed people.

If this measure is promoting the fact that Spanish society does not consume meat, we are going astray and they will find us face to face.

From Anafric we continue to request an urgent meeting at the highest level to present arguments and solutions for the reduction of VAT on meat.

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