Anafric joins the International Day against Climate Change

Anafric joins the International Day Against Climate Change initiative. Every October 24, this initiative, established by the UN, is commemorated throughout the world, which wants to highlight the great damage that is being unleashed on the planet due to climate change.

Anafric, as a representative association of the livestock-meat sector, expresses its commitment and alignment with international objectives to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

The livestock-meat system is part of the food systems. Sustainability sets us apart because we work on formulas that contribute to the planet from a responsible economic, political and social perspective. Therefore, the livestock-meat system is part of the solution.


Aware of the environmental challenges that we all have to face for the future of the planet, the livestock-meat sector has not stopped developing new methods and proposals to make our livestock and its industry more sustainable.

The main intention of this project is to promote innovative animal production systems and new practices that consolidate the economic, environmental and social sustainability of beef farms.

On the other hand, from the sector we claim the role of cows and firefighter sheep, to eliminate biomass that can easily burn, and livestock, because it acts as an efficient “firewall” to fight against forest fires as we see every summer and that has become more apparent in the summer of 2022.


Some projects to improve the environmental impact:


–Life Beef Carbon. The objective of this project is to reduce the carbon footprint of beef by 15% in the next 10 years collectively and shared in four European beef producing countries: France, Italy, Ireland and Spain. All this within the framework of a broader strategy, aimed at reducing emissions. A total of 2,000 farms are participating in the ‘Life Beef Carbon’ project, among which 170 are classified as innovative (15 of which are from Spain). The main gases emitted by beef cattle are methane and nitrous acid

– Neutral Carbon Strategy 2050. Work plan drawn up by Provacuno to achieve climate neutrality in the Spanish beef sector by 2050, emitting the greenhouse gases that it is capable of absorbing in the production process.

The 2050 Carbon Neutral Strategy is a roadmap inspired by the Green Deal of the European Union to undertake the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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