Anafric joins “The Sense of Meat”, a pioneering collaborative project to value the pleasure of eating meat

Anafric  joins “The Sense of Meat”, a pioneering collaborative initiative of the value chain of the meat sector and distribution to value and vindicate the pleasure of consuming meat and the suitability of integrating this food into the framework of a complete and balanced diet.



“The Meaning of Meat” has as its main objective to convey that meat and meat products are part of our gastronomic culture and that, consuming it according to the recommended guidelines, contributes to a varied and balanced diet within the framework of a Mediterranean Diet. .

Furthermore, according to data from AECOC Shopperview – the knowledge and analysis service of behavioral changes and the evolution of consumption trends of AECOC – and FECIC, 45% of meat consumers include it in their diet for pleasure. that the consumption of this food provides. Only the contribution of protein (51% of mentions) surpasses the enjoyment of meat consumption as the main reason for choice. Likewise, 34% of consumers claim that they consume meat to follow a balanced diet and 26% for health reasons.

Together with Anafric, almost a hundred companies and organizations from the entire value chain of the meat sector and distribution are already part of the “The Meaning of Meat” initiative, whose image and messages can be seen, starting next month May, in the points of sale of the main chains, in the packaging of some products, in commercial brochures; as well as on the websites and social networks of the participating companies and organizations.

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