Anafric repeats at Meat Attraction’19 along with important meat companies

The joint stand will show the strength of the Spanish meat sector specialized in Halal


Third and fourth range, processed and matured meats will show innovation in product quality

For the third consecutive year, and also coinciding with the third edition of this event, the Association of Meat Companies, Anafric, will be present at Meat Attraction 2019, which will take place from 17 to 19 September in Madrid. In this edition of the Meat Industry Professional Show, Anafric repeats the formula of being present along with important companies of this sector. On this occasion, Anafric will attend accompanied by the following firms: Bones and Meats, Cárnicas Sierra Sur, Celevant, Fribin, Frimancha, Murgaca and Sucarn.

            The Anafric stand will show the strength of the Spanish meat sector dedicated to the Halal production, as well as the capacity for innovation in the search for quality and excellence in the processed, third and fourth range and matured meats.


Bones and Meats. The ally for export.

The company Bones and Meats will be present at the Anafric joint stand and will make its experience in food export services to different parts of the planet known. This company, with headquarters in Spain, has several offices and representation in the world. Its locations are in Vietnam, the Philippines, Filipinas, Taiwan, Mexico, Japan and South Africa. Bones and Meats’ experience, knowledge and specialization in those markets in which they do business make this company an ally for meat companies that want to make their way into new markets.


Celevant. Deep-frozen hamburgers and filleting for large distribution.

                  The company specializing in beef, Celevant, and associated with Meat Center Ibérica, opens a new line of business with deep-frozen hamburgers and filleting for large distribution and catering sector. The meat company, with 28 year history, has been working on the project for months and will present its new offer of deep-frozen meat at Meat Attraction. Currently, this company, located inTorrent (Valencia), has a production capacity of 18,000 tons of meat per year and it also has freezing and refrigeratng chambers with a capacity of more than 1,500 tons.


Cárnicas Sierra Sur. New lamb hamburgers and specialists in Halal

The Andalusian company will present its new lamb burgers exclusively at this fair in Madrid. There will be three different recipes made with lamb leg meat. The Andalusian meat company will also take to the fair its breaded and frozen goatling’s chops, which are already being very successful in Andalusian supermarkets. Cárnicas Sierra Sur is a company specializing in ovine and goat meat and also in halal meat and it has its own 3rd and 4th range production. Cárnicas Sierra Sur is a young company, created in 2017, backed by the solid experience of its management. The company has experienced a significant growth in just two years and has, since January, its own slaughterhouse service.


Fribin. Vocation for exporting. Boosting the Halal beef line.

Fribin’s goal is to continue its growth in foreign markets.The firm from Binefar specializes in beef and pork meat and is currently exporting 65 % of its production. Since 2002, the company has been certified by the Halal Institute. Therefore, the company is allowed to perform the ritual slaughter and then commercialize beef for the consumption of people of Muslim religion. Fribin currently exports its Halal meat to countries such as Algeria and Tunisia and also to different European destinations. One of the company’s key objective is to continue its growth in Europe and Asia. The foreign business of this company reaches 30 countries, not forgetting the Spanish market.


Frimancha. 100% natural beef burger, zero additives and sulfite free

Frimancha, an expert in beef and multi-meat production, will present its new 100% natural beef burger -zero additives and sulfite free- at Meat Attraction, The company, specialized in the integrated production of beef and with a 50-year history, will also present a new range of Magno Duroc cooked and cured meat products and Friwurst sausages. Frimancha, which is part of Grupo Vall Companys since 2007, repeats its presence in the Madrid meat show for the second consecutive year.The company from Valdepeñas has been developing since 2017 a commitment to specializing in its line of fresh elaborated products with significant improvements of facilities and technology.

Murgaca. Specialization: #OnlyHalal

Murgaca, one of the leading ovine export companies in Spain, is dedicated exclusively to the production and commercialization of Halal meat. This company currently exports in an effective way to 26 countries, of which half belong to the European Union. The firm has animal collection centers and feedlots spread throughout Spain. Its headquarters and slaughterhouse are located in Cartagena (Murcia) and they have logistic facilities and cutting room in Balager (Lerida). The consumer costumer of Halal products is becoming increasingly more demanding in terms of quality, traceability, logistics and understanding of the global business concept. In Murgaca we strive to develop a production according to such requirements, underlines the company.


Sucarn. Entering the high quality matured meat market
                  The company, specialized in wholesale marketing of meat products, Sucarn, will present a selection of high quality veal and beef matured (up to a maximum of 35 days) meats. On its 35th anniversay, the firm has chosen Meat Attraction to present an exclusive selection of matured premium beef meat in optimal conditions and under very strict control. The company’s key objective is a strong entry into matured meat market and position itself as leaders in product quality. Sucarn specializes, above all, in imported beef, ovine and goat meat, as well as in an extensive catalogue of exotic meats.

Also present in Anafric stand:

                  Appeal Agrifood Group. Meat company with extensive experience in outsourcing industrial processes for cutting rooms and slaughterhouses. They carry out the handling operations of all types of meat. AGG introduces process improvements and implements technological innovations in the field of Industry 4.0.

                  Ensoblue. Company specialized in the development of technology aimed at the proper management of energy and the optimization and reduction of energy costs of the industry in general. In addition to the saving in electricity and primary fuels (such as gas, fuel, etc), Ensoblue offers solutions according to the needs of each company.

Meat Business Association, Anafric

Anafric is a national meat business association that defends the interests of companies in the livestock-meat sector in a transversal and plural way. It has 200 associated companies whose activity encompasses fattening farms, slaughterhouses, cutting rooms and cold stores. By volume of product, it is the most representative association in sheep and goat in Spain. Its associates invoice a total of 3,627,513,577.93 euros per year and employ almost 4,900 people in permanente staff. ANAFRIC represents (in tons of commercialized channels): Ovine meat, 69%; Bovine meat, 46%; Porcine meat, 23%.


The third edition of MEAT ATTRACTION is presented with the tagline “The appointment with the best meats in the world”. The only meat sector professional show held in Spain plans to exceed 400 participating companies and 20,000 professionals of this sector from 60 countries. This is a strategic edition focused on Innovation as an engine of sectoral transformation, with the objective of consolidating domestic marketing and the diversification of international markets for the export of national meat products. Meat Attraction aims to position the Spanish market as one of the main suppliers of meat products in the world. In this sense, the presence and commitement of Anafric, one of the main associations of meat companies in Spain, with Meat Attraction and its own associated companies.


Joint Stand of Anafric: Pavilion 10 – Stand 10D01

More info: Elisabet Carvajal,+34 646 22 02 68. Anafric’s Press Officer.








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