Anafric reports on exceptions in the transport of live animals during the state of alarm for the coronavirus

The BOE has published an order of the Council of Ministers that establishes exceptions in the transport of live animals during the period of the health alert generated by the coronavirus COVID-19.


The provisions it establishes are as follows:

  • The validity of the authorizations of both the carriers and the means of transport and containers is extended, as well as the training certificates of the drivers or caregivers whose expiration has occurred from March 1, up to 120 days after the end of the declaration of the state of alarm or extensions thereof.
  • This term may be extended by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food for a maximum of 30 more days.
  • The logbooks or route sheets will be valid despite not having been sealed by the competent authority until 7 days after the end of the state of alarm or its extensions, and may be extended 7 more days by the General Directorate of Agricultural Productions and Markets .
  • It is excepted from the compliance with the rest times related to the protection of animals during transport and related operations, for all animal movements that are carried out during the state of alarm. In this sense, the total duration of the trip will be the maximum allowed for each species in Chapter V of Annex I of Regulation (EC) No. 1/2005, of the Council, of December 22, 2004, except for rest time.

The effects of this measure have scope throughout the national territory, and will be communicated to the European Commission with the aim of trying to extend its validity also outside of Spain.

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