Anafric reports on the guarantee of the posting of workers and the self-employed

Many of you will wonder what to present when we need to justify our trip to work? The company must accredit the worker with a job posting that indicates so.

The decree-law 463/2020 that indicates the State of Alarm specifies in article 7 that “the displacement to the place of work to carry out his labor, professional or business provision” is authorized, as well as his vehicles. We have to remember that the activities related to food transport are considered as BASIC SERVICES.

The activities that  are required to close are catering, retail, hospitality, entertainment, education, etc., the rest of the companies can continue to develop their corresponding activity, ensuring, yes, the necessary protection measures for their workers.

In spite of everything, from Anafric informs all its associates that situations of control of the mobility of people by the bodies and security forces may occur.

To avoid any inconvenience, we inform you that:


In order to demonstrate that they are workers of a basic service, the employer will have to fill in the corresponding CERTIFICATE with the worker’s details. This document must be carried on you. This would be more than enough, but it does not hurt to carry A PAYROLL, for more security.


In this case, from Anafric we recommend the basic thing that would be to carry the RECEIPT OF SELF – EMPLOYED people and if you are the owner of any establishment or chains of meat and derivatives intended for the sale of food, it will be useful to carry a delivery note with you.

Remember that from Anafric we are updating our website and social networks with information on the Covid-19 that refers to our professional sector.

You should also be aware of the circulars you receive by email.

Thanks for your support and trust.

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