Anafric requests that the VAT on essential foods be lowered and requests an emergency meeting with the Government

Given the possibility that the Government of Spain proposes to limit the price of food in 2023, from Anafric, the Spanish meat association, it is assured that this measure “would cause more closures in the agri-food sector, especially in the meat industry”. José Friguls, president of the association, explains that “the meat sector is not transferring the rise in energy prices, raw materials or transport to the final customer. We are professional enough to know that, if meats cost twice as much, No one would buy them.”



For this reason, the sector proposes to lower the VAT on these products. “With this action, the Government would not collect less, on the contrary, family savings would be favored since less taxes would be paid for the purchase of food products, adds Friguls”. Depending on the type of product, you may be paying an increase of 21%, 10% or 4% on the cost of the product.


Shopping basket

Last September, from the vice-presidency of the Government and Ministry of Labor, it was proposed to put a cap on the food basket, a fact that was met with opposition from the sector and distribution.

Even AEASAN, the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition, made a list of essential products with moderate prices, a reference guide with what it considered priority foods. These included meat such as poultry and rabbit, along with those that also included lean, low-salt frozen or canned products.


Meeting with the industry

Now the implementation of various mechanisms to contain the evolution of food prices is once again on the table. “From the meat sector, we see it as correct that the Government should consider helping society when there is a problem of price increases. But with the cap on food, it can endanger an entire sector. The best option is to lower VAT and that is why we ask from Anafric an urgent meeting to present arguments and solutions”, explains José Friguls.

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