Anafric survey on food waste

Anafric e is carrying out a campaign to inform both society in general and companies and professionals in particular, about the effects of food waste on the environment and the economy, mainly. For this reason, through the AnafricZero campaign, a survey is launched in which the audience will be asked to respond to a question where there will be three possible answers.


This survey will be modified every three months since its content will be related to the general topic of News on the website
The contents are divided into quarterly themes starting with restoration. In November, waste will be related to domestic consumption. In February 2024, the topic will be the workplace and starting in May 2024, the information will consist of advice for commercial establishments.

The question of the quarter
During this last quarter of 2023, the website will focus on offering information related to food waste and catering. With the approval of the Food Loss and Waste Prevention Law, establishments are required to carry out a series of practices that include: self-diagnosis of their processes, knowing where they waste and how to solve it.

One of the tools established in the Law is the possibility of making it easier for consumers to take home what is left over from their menu at no additional cost. Therefore, this quarter’s question is:  If you find yourself in a restaurant and you don’t finish the menu. Are you taking it home?

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