Animal welfare commission of inquiry set up

The European Parliament has created a committee to investigate non-compliance with EU rules on the protection of transported animals. Within 12 months, they will have to present a report in which they will find the infringements they find in the application of the EU animal welfare rules during transport inside and outside the EU.

The new committee should investigate suspected violations of European Union law enforcement, inside and outside the EU, by air, road, rail and sea. It will focus on how Member States are implementing EU rules and whether the EU Commission is applying them properly.

The committee will examine:

  • The alleged failure of the EU Commission to act on evidence that EU rules on the movement of live animals across the EU and to third countries are being seriously and systematically violated.
  • It will investigate the suspicion of lack of implementation and compliance with the EU provisions on allocation of space and free space for transported animals, on their irrigation, feeding and bedding, and on the temperature and ventilation system during transport.

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