Aragón announces a new aid line of 33 million euros to promote the transformation of the agri-food industry

The call for grants called by the Government of Aragon has been published in the Official Gazette of Aragon. This is a new line of aid, budgeted at 33 million euros, which aims to promote projects for the transformation and marketing of agricultural products that improve performance and economic development, favor innovation, internationalization, digitization and marketing. Applications can now be submitted and the term will end on December 29, 2022.

The eligible initiatives must be:

environmentally friendly
Related to occupational safety, hygiene and animal welfare
Improve the ratios of social, economic and environmental sustainability

That is, material or immaterial investments made in agri-food industries, in the Aragon area.

The call details that the beneficiary entities may be natural persons, legal entities or their groups that are owners of agri-food industries located in the Aragonese territory, and ultimately responsible for the financing of investments and eligible expenses; while those who do not prove their economic viability will not be able to benefit.



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