Australians consider the meat industry vital to the country’s economy

Australians have a positive perception of the meat industry, according to the latest research on consumer confidence from Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), which has been reported on by EuroCarne magazine. 



The majority of Australians (77%) see the industry as an important part of the Australian economy, while 72% see meat production as a key employer in regional areas.

Research from Meat & Livestock Australia has also revealed that greater knowledge of the industry is associated with a greater likelihood of meat consumption. 26% of consumers who feel knowledgeable about the meat industry are more likely to consume meat compared to a year ago.

The same study indicates that 28% of Australians believe they have knowledge of the industry and 53% also want to learn more. For the promoters of the study, this is because meat production is intertwined with several aspects of Australian life: the economy, culture, health and the environment.

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