Beef Awards: recognition from the beef sector to society

Madrid dressed up on June 19 to celebrate an event that will remain engraved in the memory of all attendees. The emblematic Las Ventas Bullring was the scene of a magical night, between dazzling lights and enthusiastic applause. The Beef Awards recognized the best in the sector, in an unforgettable evening. This event, led by Cristina Tárrega and Boris Izaguirre, shone with the presence of prominent personalities from the beef sector, and also brought together influential representatives of various administrations and institutions, as well as civil society. An unforgettable night, the night of enjoyment in Madrid!



The Spanish beef interprofessional PROVACUNO, in collaboration with MEDIASET and the KIBO MEDIA Comunicación agency, have carried out this spectacular Beef Awards gala whose dinner was prepared by 14 Michelin star chefs.

The awards have been designed and created by the sculptor Ernesto Knorr, they recognize excellence and commitment in various fields, and have had the support of sponsors such as: Foro Interalimentario, KIA, Silbö, Telecom, Grupo ICM, JOT and Bodegas Protos.

As a final touch, highlights the performances of India Martínez, María Peláe and DJ Álvaro Naive.

Below is the list of winners in the different categories:



· Award for: Lola Casademunt

· Collect the prize: Mayte Casademunt

· Present the award: Fiona Ferrer. Businesswoman, writer and designer

· Award sponsored by: JOT



· Award for: Jordi Sánchez

· Present the award: Enrique Cerezo. Film producer and president of Atlético de Madrid



· Award for: Ilia Topuria



· Award for: Antonio Escribano Zafra

· Presents the award: Antonio Garamendi. President of the CEOE

· Award sponsored by: Interfood Forum



· Award for: José Mercé

· Present the award: Jorge Morán. CEO of Silbö Telecom

· Award sponsored by: Silbö Telecom



· Award for: Ana Rosa Quintana

· Present the award: Jaime Yartu San Millán. President of PROVACUNO



· Award for: Fernando Estellés

· Present the award: Carlos Novillo Piris. Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Interior in the Community of Madrid

· Award sponsored by: KIA



· Award for: Cristina Díaz

· Present the award: Ana Rodríguez Castaño. General Director of Agricultural Productions and Markets. Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

· Award sponsored by: Bodegas Protos



· Award for: Pedro Guillén

· Present the award: Ramón Fernández-Pacheco. Minister of Sustainability, Environment and Blue Economy of the Ministry of Andalusia

· Award sponsored by: ICM Group



· Award for: Dr. Francisco Galán

· Present the award: Norma Duval. Presenter, actress and businesswoman



· Award for: José María García

· Present the award: Joaquín Prat. Radio and television presenter



· Award for: Aless Lequio Foundation

· Collect the prize: Ana Obregón. Actress, television presenter and businesswoman

· Presents the award: Carlos Sobera. Actor and television presenter



· Award for: Iván Cerdeño, Fran Martínez, Rafa Centeno, Joel Castañé, Juan Lu Fernández, Miguel Ángel de la Cruz, Kisko García, Fernando del Cerro, Miguel Carretero, Rocío Parra, Roberto Martínez, Javier Aranda, Javier Estévez and Juanmi Carrasco .

· Present the award: José Miguel Herrero Velasco. General Director of Food. Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.


During the ceremony, Jaime Yartu, president of PROVACUNO, highlighted that “these awards are recognition by the sector of people or institutions from different fields that represent values ​​of effort, work, enthusiasm, innovation and commitment with which the meat sector beef is very represented.”

These awards are what society deserves because “Beef is happiness, it is family, it is friends, it is sharing and living. This sector, with what it produces, makes people enjoy” Yartu concluded in his speech.

The beef sector is strategic in Spain, providing direct and indirect employment to more than 200,000 families and acting as a brake on rural depopulation and its sustainability.

In addition, it represents an essential component of the national GDP and promotes economic growth in both rural and urban areas. In environmental terms, beef cattle farming is essential to minimize the risk of fires and conserve biodiversity. Multimedia gallery:






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