Behavior of beef and pork in the first quarter 2020 according to the Meat Market Observatory

The 13th Meat Market Observatory meeting was held in which Anafric was remotely present. Among the main conclusions, we advance that regarding the beef market, its production increased during the first quarter of 2020; As regards aid for private storage, the Commission left the door open for another possible package of aid in the next 2-3 years. For the pig sector, the good trade situation due to Chinese imports was made clear, but concerns about competition from the United States were also raised.

Trends in sales and consumption:

-The meat consumption trends are not being drastically diminished

-Consumers’ choice of what to eat may be affected by attacks on the sustainability of the sector, production methods and animal welfare.

-The designation of ‘meat’ to those products that are not also influences consumption and has a downward impact.

The challenges of the meat market are in:

  • African Swine Fever Situation
  • Brexit
  • Other events.

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