British consumers, in favor of meat and dairy products of animal origin

A report by the United Kingdom’s AHDB (Ministry of Agriculture) states that a large proportion of consumers consider meat and dairy to be preferable to plant-based products.

According to the news reported by Eurocarne, the AHDB highlighted that the report shows that the health cited as a reason for consumption has experienced a “consecutive decrease” since May 2022 and, with the increase in costs, reported that consumers had opted for economic level products.

The report also reported that meat-free products remained a small part of the market, with a volume share of 2% (Kantar).



Campaign to promote meats

AHDB’s recent ‘This and that’ campaign defends the art of a balanced diet, combining a bit of this with a bit of that to show the role of meat and dairy in a complete, healthy and nutritious diet. Campaigns like this highlight that British beef, lamb and dairy products are not only delicious; they are naturally rich in protein and a source of vitamin B12, which can help reduce tiredness and fatigue as part of a healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle.

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