Cantabria promotes sheep and goat grazing to promote generational change

The Ministry of Rural Development, Livestock, Fisheries and Food will develop a program aimed at promoting grazing among young farmers that encourages generational renewal and allows diversification of traditional livestock activity to provide profitability and viability to the extensive livestock model. This was announced this Thursday by the Minister of Rural Development, Livestock, Fisheries and Food, Pablo Palencia, during the presentation of the ‘Pastor’ program, a battery of measures that include training actions, aid and marketing strategies aimed at promoting breeding and exploitation of sheep and goats.




This program seeks to prevent forest fires through directed grazing; promote generational change in the agricultural sector, improve the defense of small livestock against attacks by predators; produce lamb and goat meat of high environmental value and their dairy derivatives and promote local livestock genetic resources, according to the press release from the Government of Cantabria.

A series of grazing aids will be designed, adapting to the number of hectares where it is carried out, replicating the measures adopted in this regard in other autonomous communities. The program, in addition to this presentation day, includes a training program aimed at awakening the interest of livestock farms and potential shepherds that includes, among others, a visit to the Aragonese grazing cooperative ‘Oviaragón’.


More information, Gobierno de Cantabria


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