Chinese distributors and importers know the quality of Spanish pork

INTERPORC has organized a reverse mission that has allowed ten important importers and distributors from different areas of China to learn about the quality and efficiency of Spain’s pork production system. For three days, Chinese professionals have been able to visit different pork facilities, in addition to attending a presentation in Barcelona on the white pork sector in Spain. INTERPORC officials have offered them a global overview of the value chain, and have jointly analyzed the business opportunities and perspectives that can be implemented or reinforced between both countries.



Daniel de Miguel, International Director of INTERPORC, highlighted the success of the visit, “with which we have fulfilled the objective of allowing Chinese professionals to learn first-hand about our production processes and the production of meat and pork products.”

Furthermore, he adds that “we have obtained very positive evaluations in relation to the high standards of quality and food safety of our companies.” A result that, in the opinion of the International Director of the Interprofessional, supports the production model of our country, which has the most demanding standards in the world.

China is one of the most coveted pork markets in the world due to its volume, and in recent years Spain has positioned itself as its leading supplier, with a market share of 24.9%. In 2022, 698,589 tons of pork products worth 1,630 million euros were exported to that country. This represents 23.9% in volume and 19.7% in value of all exports from the Spanish pork sector during that year.

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