Commitment to climate change mitigation: What is Life Beef Carbon

In our interview with Ganaderas en Red, it is stated that “There are many studies that show that extensive livestock not only does not influence climate change, but also reverses this process. The cattle of our companions are raised in extensive, in direct contact with the environment, therefore the livestock load is the optimum to take advantage of the grass and grass without reducing them or losing biodiversity ”.

In the sector we reiterate our commitment to climate change mitigation. and good proof of this are the research and innovation projects in which we are immersed as the Life Beef Carbon, which aims to reduce the carbon footprint of beef cattle by 15% in the next 10 years collectively and shared in four European countries producing beef cattle: Spain, France, Italy and Ireland.


The project intends to promote innovative animal production systems and associated practices to ensure the economic, environmental and social sustainability of cattle farms.

In the next post we will be informing about the different measures that the sector has been carrying out to mitigate climate change.

You can expand the information about the Life Beef Carbon with the video:

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