Costa Food Group presents a range of more natural and sustainable products at Alimentaria 2024

A range of healthier and more sustainable products is the letter of presentation that Costa Food Group  has displayed at the Alimentaria 2024 fair. Among the novelties that have been announced in the Innoval space, its Casademont range free of added nitrites, new varieties from the Fuetis range, and the Roler Cocina Fácil range in more sustainable packaging – with 85% less plastic, among others.




Casademont reinvents fuet with the launch of its new products “without added nitrites”. Unlike conventional varieties, these compounds are not incorporated as preservatives in the products of this new range, an innovation with which Costa Food satisfies the growing demand for more natural and healthy products, always prioritizing authentic and traditional flavors. Made with selected ingredients and through a careful curing process, this innovation will allow you to enjoy all the flavor of the traditional Casademont fuet in a healthier way, with all the guarantees of quality and food safety. The new range is presented in two varieties: Fuet Extra without added nitrites of 150 grams and ‘Fuetis’ without nitrites in a convenient Doypack format of 50 grams.

Regarding Casademont Fuetis, the range is expanded, in line with the commitment to new consumer trends. Thus, the mini Salami, low-fat mini Fuet and mini chicken fuet varieties are introduced, as well as their Caprichos de Fuetis presented in a 50-gram Doypack format. All of them have been made with selected meats and maintain the highest quality standards and excellent flavor.

Also presented is the Roler Cocina Fácil range of dishes, healthy and tasty recipes, steamed and presented in microwaveable packaging, made from recycled cardboard and with 85% less plastic than conventional packaging. The range incorporates three varieties: teriyaki chicken with rice; Chicken tikka masala with vegetables and Moorish pork skewer and steamed potatoes, all in 300g format.





The Roler Carpaccio Black Angus, made from this world famous meat and in which Roler is a benchmark, also expands its range and adds a version with truffle oil, in a 110 gram pack that includes Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

On the other hand, the new Roler Gran Selección burgers are presented in an innovative packaging that improves their conservation, in addition to being more sustainable, because it is 100% recyclable and reduces the use of plastic by 75% compared to conventional packaging. This range will be made in three new varieties: 150 gram ribeye, 150 gram Black Angus and Iberian pork sirloin, and 180 gram American XXL.

Finally, and as an added reinforcement to this sustainability policy, the range of classic burgers and snacks in Winpack packaging is now on the market, with an 80% reduction in plastic compared to the previous packaging.

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