Desarrollo Rural de Navarra launches a special aid line of 3 euros per sheep for the sheep and goat sector

The Department of Rural Development and Environment of the Government of Navarra has launched a line of special aid of 3 euros per sheep or goat for the sheep and goat sector, for a total amount of 1.3 million euros, and covered by the de minimis regime. As the BON collects today, it is an exceptional support measure for the sheep and goat sector, especially affected by the health crisis of COVID-19.

The aid is specified at 3 euros per female breeding sheep or goat, within the framework of the provisions of Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1408/2013 of December 18, 2013 on de minimis aid in the agricultural sector. In this type of aid, the total amount of the same granted to a single company cannot exceed 25,000 euros for a given sector during any period of three fiscal years, observing the conditions established therein.


The objective of this support measure is to contribute to the maintenance of the sheep and goat sector, which is among the most affected by the health crisis

The significant decrease in consumption has affected all types of production and the majority of commercial farms, regardless of their race and ability, both dairy and meat, the Government has reported.

Overall, the marketing of sheep has been reduced by 85%, and the main fall has been due to the closure of the HORECA channel

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