ANAFRIC: sector service purpose

Twenty years ago, in Spain almost none, to say no one, exported the meat that was produced here. At most, small, occasional operations and in neighboring countries. Nowadays, this has changed and there are many companies that have made exports, a key plank on their volume business. A sector that invoices 24,000 million euros, of which a quarter comes from exports (with 2.3 million tonnes of meat and processed meat products exported in 2017).

Spanish meat companies must defend their business in a globalized world in the sectors, and that of meat is no exception, they are immersed in the constant strikes of the markets in which both policies, tariffs or sanitary decisions, among others, are a constant change for companies.

In addition, our sector has the challenge and the obligation to satisfy the needs and requirements of our consumers and society, not only by providing them with quality meat, nutritious and safe, if they do not acquire the commitment of environmental respect and sustainable of the activity of meat production.

The National Association of Cold Meat Stores and Sales of Specification (ANAFRIC), was registered as such in 1997 with the main commission to defend the interests of national companies in the livestock and meat sector, in a cross-sectional and plural

In the current situation, in which export is a key element in the viability of companies, they have to face the challenges, conditions and risks that they alone are, or very difficult or impossible to assume, and it is in this dimension acquires all its relevance ANAFRIC, as a facilitator for associated companies for export, for example, or solving problems with the autonomous, national and / or international administrations, to put another, offering its associates professional and personalized attention.

At present, ANAFRIC, with more than 200 associated companies, is the meat business association of reference in Spain in the beef and goatmeat sectors due to the number of tonnes marketed by its partners. Thus, in the sheepmeat sector, member companies of ANAFRIC market 70% of sheep-goat meat in Spain, while in beef they reach 53%. In the case of pork, companies market 24% of meat produced in our country.

The companies associated to ANAFRIC have very diverse activities and representatives of the whole chain of value of meat, ranging from cattle raising, fattening, slaughter, destruction of meat, processing and storage, as well as its commercialization at the national territory or its export. The global turnover of the ANAFRIC partners exceeds 3,600 million euros annually and employs 4,900 people in a fixed manner.

This highly varied list of companies and activities is the main challenge that, day by day, provides its ANAFRIC service, aimed at offering them both a collective and a particular attention, that will facilitate the development of Its economic activity and allows them to be more competitive in increasingly demanding and global markets.

The services that associates obtain from ANAFRIC are many and varied, both technical assistance, solving doubts about the most diverse topics (hygiene, labeling, additives, food safety, waste, etc.), export support and the resolution of the problems that may arise when exporting, keeping abreast of regulatory developments or market trends, negotiating agreements with supplier companies, the prices of the boxes, etc., without forgetting all the economic advantages that the Their associates have the power to negotiate collectively with many suppliers.

Companies need immediate solutions to their problems, which is why ANAFRIC is very aware, offering our specialized personnel to solve their technical, legal and labor consultations, as well as the resolution of their affairs with the administration, in addition First-hand and direct information on prices and market trends. ANAFRIC’s commitment to its partners is to offer a professional, individualized and personalized service, defending the interests of companies and the image of the sector and its great product: meat.

But an ANAFRIC goes beyond defending the interests of our associates, as we are members of the European Union Commerce Council for Livestock and Livestock Trade (UECBV), which groups 53 national or regional federations of 24 member states of the EU, with a representation close to 20,000 companies and 230,000 jobs and where decisions and strategies of all kinds are addressed to the European meat sector, in which ANAFRIC plays a significant and decisive role. We attend regular meetings at all levels and in all

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