In memory of Fernando Pascual

On 12th August, all our sector regretted the loss of Fernando Pascual, one of the drivers in our country of the modernization of the livestock sector and meat industry.

Fernando started his professional career in the meat sector in private industry, although soon his concerns for the sector led him to run the position of Secretary General of ASOCARNE since his foundation year 1977 and until on his retirement.

A long professional life that made his mark in the sector not only prolix and extensive, but with his death, the sector has lost one of his best valors inside and outside of Spain.

The relation with ANAFRIC was always of mutual collaboration, uniting efforts jointly in what would be the CECARNE confederation. Thus, ANAFRIC and ASOCARNE maintained a joint work commitment until the disappearance of the latter.

Fernando Pascual participated in the elaboration of the General Slaughterhouse Plan, in the negotiations for the compensatory amounts of the adhesion of Spain to the European Union, in the management of the mad cow crisis, in the creation of the Interprofesional of the beef (Provacuno), as a member of the UECBV defending interests of the sector beyond our borders, and in the eradication of African Swine Pest, which meant a turning point crucial for the pig sector that allowed the opening of exports, its takeoff and its position of leadership at European level.

31 years at the service of the meat sector are synonyms of vocation for service, tireless work and struggle for the meat sector. Friend of his friends, cordial and frankly, Fernando has left us an example to follow in the professional and personal.

At ANAFRIC, we have returned from vacation and resumed our daily work in the Association and, since then, we have this feeling that we have forgotten something on the way, which we have lost and that we will be very difficult to replace.

Each one of us has its particularities for which it is valued, loved or appreciated by others. We always made you feel comfortable working with you for the meat sector in our country, helping to consolidate CECARNE or, simply, learning a lot from you.

We are sure that wherever you are you will continue to be as always you know how to be: affable, close, committed, complete … And with such touch of irony so yours that it made you unmistakable.

Rest in peace friend Fernando.

José Friguls

President ANAFRIC

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