EU ban on importing beef produced on deforested land

EU ban. The EU has reached an agreement to implement regulations that will require operators who export certain products to the EU to collect geographic information on where they were raised and ensure that these areas are not sites of deforestation.


This was revealed on December 7 on Euronews and the new rules are expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow down the loss of biodiversity in the regions from which it imports goods. The regulation still needs the formal approval of the European Parliament and the European Council.

Exporting countries must use tools including satellite monitoring and DNA analysis to confirm claims about the origin of the product. At the same time, they will be assigned a risk status to determine how often goods within their borders will be inspected as part of the regulations.

The products included in this new European regulation (which does not need to be transposed into national laws, so its adaptation is faster) are palm oil, cocoa, coffee, rubber, livestock, wood and soybeans. , as well as its derivatives, among others, beef, leather or printed paper products, furniture, cosmetics or chocolate. This list will be reviewed and updated, taking into account new data, such as changes in deforestation patterns.


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