Eurobarometer: 84% of Europeans consider that food imports to the EU must comply with animal welfare regulations

More than 26,000 respondents from all 27 EU Member States have responded to the annual Eurobarometer survey on animal welfare. 60% of those surveyed indicated that they would be willing to pay more for products from livestock systems that respect animal welfare.

When it comes to food imports from non-EU countries, more than eight in ten Europeans (84%) believe that the current animal welfare situation should change, either by applying EU animal welfare standards EU to food imports or labeling food according to applied standards.

Other interesting data from the Eurobarometer:

A large majority of Europeans (84%) believe that the welfare of farm animals should be better protected in their country than it is currently. A similar number (83%) support limiting animal transport time. Almost three quarters of respondents (74%) support better protection of the welfare of pet animals in their country.

Improving EU animal welfare standards is an important part of the Farm to Fork Strategy. In this sense, the proposal on the protection of animals during transport will be presented in December 2023.

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