Excellent demonstration of the Spanish Selection of Butchers in Alimentaria

Daniel Herrero and Alberto Ederra offered a demonstration of cutting and butchering lamb together with two members of the French Butchers’ Team, Sebastien Coirier and Alexandre Senegas, highlighting the high level of the professionals who will compete in the World Butchers’ Challenge.


Excelente demostración de la Selección Española de Carniceros en Alimentaria

In the afternoon, attendees were able to enjoy an exhibition of works by master craftsmen Ana París and Javier Caballero, again together with Sebastien Coirier and Alexandre Senegas. In it, they prepared, from the pieces of lamb that their colleagues had cut and dismantled that morning, authentic works of art very similar to those that the teams will have to present in the Paris 2025 international competition.

Goulash, bone-in popite, stuffed shoulder or crown were some of the creations that did not go unnoticed by the public, among whom were personalities from the world of cooking and meat such as Martín Berasategui, Mickaël Chabanon (considered one of the best butchers in the world and Best Artisans of France (MOF) in 2018) or Miquel Antoja (owner of Foodlona), who was then in charge of cooking all the preparations that both selections had prepared.


*Photo Cedecarne


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