‘Farm to Fork Strategy’: Planas conveys its differences to the EU with what the green strategy for the meat and livestock sectors proposes

“We do not agree with the treatment of the meat sector, the livestock sector. We believe that a thorough analysis is really necessary if you want to discuss the issue and not a brief reference in passing, which is what the document does, which seems to want to put In question, the production of this important sector, through our extensive livestock farming, for the economic and social reality of Spain as of many other countries of the European Union. “

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, has this week to the informal Council of Ministers of Agriculture and Fisheries of the European Union, where he discussed the strategies of the new European Green Pact and the future Multiannual Financial Framework (MFP) for the period 2021-2027.

Make sure the goals are achievable

Planas has stressed that Spain has always defended a greater environmental ambition for the Common Agrarian Policy (CAP), so it shares the objectives of the strategies “Farm to Fork” and “Biodiversity”, but has also called on the European Commission (EC) impact studies to ensure that the goals set are achievable. Speaking to his counterparts, the minister noted that the livestock sector plays a “key role” in rural areas and asked to avoid approaches that could “create problems” for producers.

Planas has asked Brussels to explain “how it has calculated” the objectives (in relation to reducing the use of pesticides and fertilizers, or of antibiotics for livestock) set in the “From farm to fork” strategy, and hoped that facilitate a detailed economic impact of your proposals.

He also underlined the need for “budget, time and flexibility” to meet these objectives, “bearing in mind that we are in very different agronomic production situations depending on the Member States.”

“It takes a just transition to be seen as an opportunity, rather than as a threat,” he told the ministers.

You have more information about the statements of Minister Luis Planas in this video:

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