Feed production falls 5% due to the decline in pigs

The industrial production of compound feed for animals fell by 4.8% in Spain last year compared to 2021, with 27.07 million tons obtained; a fall marked mainly by the decline of 8% in the manufacture of feed for pigs. The employers’ association of animal feed manufacturers (Cesfac) has presented last year’s production balance in which, despite this 8% decline, the pig feed category continued to be the leader by far since it was close to 12, 3 million tons.



It was followed in volume by manufacturing for the bovine, ovine, caprine, equine and rabbit sectors, with nine million tons (-3%), while the production of poultry feed fell by 1% (4.3 million tons). .

The report also includes a first estimate of production in 2023 that will remain at 26.84 million tons (-0.85% compared to 2022).
It is expected that in 2023 the production of pig feed will reach 12.17 million tons (-1%); 8.9 million tons in ruminants (-1%) and 4.3 million tons for poultry (-1%).

The general director of Cesfac, Jorge de Saja, has downplayed this reduction in the volume manufactured in 2022 because “it is less than that registered in the European environment.” It was a “fairer” year in value because “we have not been able to recover, although we have reduced, production costs”.

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