Food Fair applauds the work of the agri-food sector during the Covid-19 crisis and is set to make the next appointment a recovery tool

Food Fair recognizes the great daily work of all the components of the food sector, from the origin to the point of sale and wants to express “admiration and gratitude” to the entire value chain of the food industry for the extraordinary effort it is making to continue its activity and guarantee supply to the entire population.

“Our applause to both manufacturers who have ceased production and to distributors and retailers who have reacted quickly in response to increased demand and by strengthening safety and hygiene measures for their workers, collaborators and customers.”

Along with the food sector, Fira Alimentaria also recognizes restaurants, hotels and food service, for the sacrifice they are making with the massive, albeit temporary, closure of their businesses, “an extreme measure but necessary to stop the spread of the virus” .

From the direction of the second most important agri-food event in the world, they are convinced that “once the hardest days are over, citizens, governments and other institutions will be able to relaunch the activity of a sector so necessary for the country’s economy” .

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