Food trends in 2023

The annual Fooduristic report, prepared by the team and collaborators of the KM ZERO Food Innovation Hub, in its 2023 edition has presented its new edition under the title “Feeding solutions for a complex world”, which includes the main figures that the food sector left last year and points out the trends that will mark its development in 2023.


🚩 Sustainability becomes economically profitable. The new regulatory frameworks, such as the recent Packaging and Waste Law, come together with the greater awareness of consumers about the environmental impact.

🚩 The removal of single-use packaging is irreversible.

🚩 Digitization of the food chain will be key to avoiding food waste.

🚩 The situation generated by Covid-19 ended up consolidating a customer model that used online shopping, physical stores and delivery services at its convenience. The next step for the food distribution industry will be the metaverse.

🚩 The new consumer will look at labels more than ever. Consumers will look for them to be clean and offer them precise information not only on the composition of the product, but also on its origin, environmental footprint and even positive impact on society.

🚩 Vegetable proteins will be incorporated into our diet. The vegetable protein market in Spain has grown by 48% since 2020.

🚩 Hybrid products arrive. The next generation of proteins will serve as a bridge to a diet where vegetables have a greater role. These innovative plant proteins will be combined with those of animal origin to maintain the traditional flavor and texture.

🚩 Precision nutrition will increase our quality of life. The study of population groups to obtain data on their eating habits will allow the development of adequate and accessible diet prescriptions.

🚩 Design fully enters our relationship with food. What is the optimal shape of the pasta so that the sauce adheres well? What is the best support to eat standing up? What smell of food makes us feel at home?

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