Free information day for ranchers: Do you know what the calendar of obligations is for 2024?

The assembly hall of the Binéfar Market will host its weekly session and an information day aimed at livestock farmers this Wednesday, April 17, at 4:00 p.m. The chosen title is “Do you know what the obligation calendar is for 2024?” Fernando Laguna and José Manuel Corzán, General Director of Food Quality and Safety and Head of the Health, Traceability and Animal Welfare Service, respectively, of the Government of Aragon, will participate. This day will serve to remember some of the obligations that ranchers have to attend to and to report on the newest ones in 2024.






On the other hand, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has published a third list with 1,411 owners of livestock farms who will receive a total of 9.1 million euros of the extraordinary aid enabled by the Government to compensate for the situation of difficulties as a result of drought and war in Ukraine

This new payment is added to those already made in the months of October and November 2023, which already total an amount paid of 352 million euros, distributed among 73,369 beneficiary ranchers, which represents 99% of the initial total budget of 355 millions of euros.

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