Fribín expects to invoice more than 400 million in 2023

The Fribín meat company, located in Binéfar (Huesca), expects to have a turnover of more than 400 million euros in 2023. Its managers assure that this year has been a turning point in its trajectory. Once the pandemic and the problems caused by the rise in energy prices were overcome, the last year has been a good financial year for the company.



“We can reach a turnover of more than 400 million euros this year. We are working with around 850 people and we export practically 70% of what we sell,” said Cristina Gallart, president of Fribín. The president added, according to  Revista Cárnica: “We need fewer administrative obstacles and more support so that companies like ours can continue creating the future.”

These statements to Aragón Noticias were made during a visit by the Minister of Agriculture of the Government of Aragon, Ángel Semper. At Fribin, they work to achieve approval that allows them to sell their products in more countries and to improve the energy efficiency of their facilities. Currently, 45% of the energy they consume comes from solar panels.

The Binéfar meat factory employs nearly 1,000 people and has a fleet of 25 trailers. Every day they slaughter 12,000 pigs and 600 calves and export 70% of their packaging to countries such as Italy, the Philippines, the Czech Republic, Romania, France, China and Hungary, among others.

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