From June 12 to 14: The PRAN, in the summer courses of the Complutense University of Madrid with “One Health Response and resistance to antibiotics”

In a post-pandemic scenario, the issues that address health problems that significantly affect humanity have been resumed on the agendas, including resistance to antimicrobials. COVID-19 has shown the need for multi and multidisciplinary work to find solutions to these problems.



Spain has had a plan to combat resistance (PRAN: National Plan against Resistance to Antibiotics) since 2014. The new PRAN (2022-2024), with a One Health approach, faces new challenges that imply a greater awareness and involvement of society. For all these reasons, the PRAN participates in the summer courses that the Complutense University of Madrid organizes in El Escorial. They will be from June 12 to 14 and you can register at this link.

Knowledge of the biology of microorganisms and the resistance mechanisms by which bacteria defend themselves against antibiotics, previous experience applied to the design of new antimicrobials, and innovation in new strategies mark much of the current research in the fight against resistances.



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