Grupo Costa buys Cárnicas de La Litera and strengthens its leadership in the European sow market

The Costa Group has purchased the La Litera Meat center, located in San Esteban de Litera (Huesca), from the Pini Group, an Italian company that is the current owner. This plant, opened two years ago, is dedicated to the slaughter and cutting of mother sows.

The operation strengthens the commercial relationship between both meat companies, in addition to strengthening the leadership position of the Aragonese group in the European sow market, as reported by the company in a press release.



The initial investment for the start-up of Cárnicas de La Litera was more than 15 million euros.

With a surface area of around 8,000 m2 and a capacity of 625 tons per day. The operation will serve the Costa Group, according to the press release, to close its productive circle and enhance its leadership position in the European meat market.

Present for 50 years in the agri-food sector, the Aragonese company Grupo Costa, through its meat holding company Costa Food Group, has become the third largest livestock farm in Europe, operating today in more than one hundred countries. Committed to the environment, it generates around 5,000 jobs and its turnover reaches 2,000 million euros annually. In addition to operating in the meat market, its main area of activity, it also has a presence in sectors such as wine, automotive and hotel sectors.

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