International Hamburger Day is consolidated as an action to give visibility to this nutritious and quality product

On May 28, a German immigrant residing in the United States served the first hamburger at his restaurant. The year was 1895, when chef Louis Lassen, from Connecticut (USA), made the first hamburger in North America with a recipe provided to him by some sailors from the port of Hamburg. And it is that the word “hamburger” would come, precisely, from the city of Hamburg, in Germany, the largest port in Europe at that time.



The hamburger made from meat contains nutritional value and, in addition, it is an artisan product that has been able to adapt to the new times, entering haute cuisine and becoming a reference dish.

With the excuse of celebrating this day, they want to claim that it is a simple, versatile, healthy and nutritious dish. The hamburger has a large amount of vitamins, such as B12, and minerals, such as potassium, essential for the proper functioning of our body. Meat helps us strengthen our muscles and being rich in iron, it is part of the energy engine we need for the day.

A good hamburger, made with premium raw materials, helps activate our red blood cells, facilitating the transport of oxygen throughout our body.

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