Interovic brings together the IGPs in ‘Pastoreo’

INTEROVIC, the Sheep and Goat Agri-Food Interprofessional, brought together some of the main representatives of the Protected Geographical Indications in a colloquium, the event that brings the countryside to the city organized from December 1 to 3, in a colloquium: Juan Méndez technician in the PGI of lamb from Castilla y León; Yolanda García, promotion and distribution PGI of Manchego Lamb; Raúl Muñiz, director of the PGI Lamb of Extremadura and the PGI Cabrito de Extremadura and Javier Ayechu, president of the PGI Lamb of Navarra.



An event held last Friday, December 1, that replicates last year’s meeting where all the IGPs were present and that took place prior to the opening of the Pastoreo event, which celebrated its third edition in Madrid after the success in 2022 where it welcomed more of 3,000 visitors.

The discussion, moderated by Jesús Terrés, journalist and founder of the Lobo agency, which collaborates with INTEROVI, and by the chef and influencer, Clara Pérez Villalón, dealt with the generation of brand value and reaching new audiences and was a dialogue between both in which all attendees participated.

During the talk, questions were asked about different issues such as what a valuable brand is and what qualities it should have, how to differentiate yourself at the butcher counter where all the products look (more or less) the same, the importance of presentation, how we reach the public. young person with a traditional product and whether the industry should continue promoting the Spain brand.

Topics that opened debate and participation of all attendees, since the format was informal and encouraged the participation of all.

During the colloquium, the importance of working all the PGIs together was discussed beyond all the individual work that is carried out and the need to hold this type of meetings more frequently to face together the challenges of the sector.

“The products and brands that become essential are the ones that change your life,” stated Clara Pérez Villalón.

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