Interovic triumphs in Madrid Fusión with innovative proposals

INTEROVIC,  the Interprofessional of lamb, suckling and goat meat, has participated for another year in what is considered the most important gastronomy congress at the national level that, in its 22nd edition, has brought this meat and its versatility closer to professionals in the sector and has done so with innovative bets and an ‘omakase’ style bar where the different recipes and activities have captured all the attention of the public and authorities present at this event.



This year, between recipe and recipe, the organization has presented its new campaign ‘The Sustainable Ritual’, a title full of message with which INTEROVIC seeks to bring suckling pig, lamb and goat meat of national origin to the public so that it accompanies them in your day to day, in every daily celebration.

Lamb, suckling pig and kid protagonist in Madrid Fusion

The interprofessional organized a complete program of showcookings and demonstrations that attracted the interest of the public and, on many occasions, generated long lines to be able to try the innovative recipes that were developed. Thus, every morning, the congress started with the Spanish selection of butchers, led by Daniel Herrero, master butcher at the head of Carnicerías Herrero in Fuenlabrada, and with Extremeño lamb (Corderex), Cabrito de Extremadura and Ternasco de Aragón. They cut up carcasses and showed new cuts of lamb and different uses in preparations while ‘training’ for the World Cup in Paris that will take place in March 2025.




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