INTERPORC celebrates the success of Meat & Fire, which has brought together 25,000 people to enjoy grilled gastronomy

INTERPORC, The Capa Blanca Pork Agri-Food Interprofessional has participated in Meat & Fire, an event that has brought together more than 25,000 people in Barcelona for three days (June 7 to 9) to taste 20,000 kilos of meat prepared on the grill for more than 30 world-renowned chefs and grillers. 



Among them, representing INTERPORC were the well-known butcher Juan Micó and the talented griller Cristina Pérez. Both were the stars of an impressive cooking show in which attendees were able to enjoy live demonstrations of innovative techniques and tasting dishes prepared with the highest quality products from the Spanish white pork sector.

INTERPORC has chosen this event as part of its commitment to promoting quality meat and sustainability, since it is perfect in that sense by directly providing 25,000 people with the possibility of enjoying the best grilled gastronomy in the world.

Meat & Fire allows you to explore new culinary techniques and taste pieces prepared by the best experts in the sector. Furthermore, when complemented with other activities, such as training in gastronomic techniques, music and live shows, it provides an exceptional experience for fans of good food and gastronomy that turns Barcelona into the world epicenter of grilling.


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