Interporc highlights the figure of the veterinarian to reduce the use of antibiotics

The REDaPORC Operational Group, led by INTERPORC, has started a series of webinars in collaboration with the General Council of the Spanish Veterinary Association (Colvet).

The first INTERPORC and Colvet webinar featured two experts on biosafety. Specifically, Miguel Ángel Higuera, director of the National Association of Pig Producers (ANPROGAPOR) and Cristina Muñoz, Coordinator of the AEMPS National Antibiotics Plan.

Higuera gave a talk entitled ‘Reducing the use of antibiotics in the global health context’, in which he recalled that “having a balanced consumption of antibiotics is an objective of the entire pig sector, and very positive results are being achieved. The main example is the voluntary program to reduce the use of colistin. “For this reason, a tool like the one developed by REDaPORC, which will make it possible to detect the priority measures to be adopted in each farm, is essential.”

Cristina Muñoz in her presentation of the ‘REDUCE Plan: a comprehensive strategy to prevent infections’, highlighted that “in the current Plan we seek to create comprehensive strategies to prevent and facilitate the prudent use of antibiotics in veterinary medicine”.


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