Japan opens to sheepmeat, goatmeat and beef from Spain

Anafric, a Spanish meat business association, sees excellent news about the opening of sheep, goat and beef exports to the Japanese market, a very demanding market with very strict sanitary inspections. For now, the list of companies in the sheep and goats sector, the list of companies that can already export is 12, of which 60% are associated with Anafric, including Farras, CoviherMurgaca and Moralejo .

As regards beef, 17 are the companies that can already trade with the Asian country, of which six ( ColomerCarpisaCelevantCentral de Carnes MadridFribin and Viñas ) are part of Anafric.

For the president of Anafric, José Fríguls, “the record has yielded results and this is the path that must be followed. The opening of this market, demanding where there are any, supposes, among other consequences, two very prominent ones: blowing air into a sector that every time it is more difficult to grow internally, and on the other hand, to record that our level of health and animal safety is able to pass the most demanding controls, which means that our companies work very well. “

What is included in export agreement with Japan

The agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) and the Ministry, Forestry and Fisheries as well with the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) includes exports of:

  • Fresh beef, sheep and goats
  • Offal of beef, sheep and goats, including both the stomach and fresh intestines.

Japan is the second largest importer of meat and meat products worldwide. With its more than 125 million inhabitants and its high income per capita, it is an extremely demanding market and with an annual increase in meat consumption of around 5%, while its production decreases.

In order to export sheep, goat and beef meat to Japan, the MAFF must not only authorize the company, but also all those involved in the process of manufacturing the product intended to be exported to Japan: slaughterhouse, cutting room, refrigerated warehouse and re-packaging center.

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