José Friguls, president of Anafric: “It is necessary for Spain to defend our interests in Europe”

On July 1, Spain assumes the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. And from Anafric, a list of priorities is presented that serves to guarantee the work of all the links in the meat sector in Spain. “We agree on meeting the 2030 targets for reducing the carbon footprint and greater sustainability. But if that means the elimination of livestock in Europe or the exclusion of animal protein from the menu of school canteens, as they point out some of the strategic lines of the European Green Pact, are going to face us. The solution is not to eliminate. The solution is to coexist”, as the president of Anafric, José Friguls, points out.


“If we remove livestock, what will happen to all ecosystems? Removing livestock is a fanatical, unrealistic idea with destructive effects,” explains Friguls. For all these reasons, “we believe that the Spanish presidency can help convince European leaders that eliminating livestock farming goes against the interests of a green planet and a more sustainable industry. We need Spain to defend us.”

The meat industry in Spain “is subject to what certain personalities or institutions dictate or what is said on social networks. The population has an image of the inconveniences, which is the minimum, and everything good that it does for the rural world, ecosystems, the economy, health or maintaining employment”.

General industry issues
The situation of the meat sector has different “battle” fronts: more expensive energy and raw materials, a downward trend in consumption, inflation, proposals that add administrative burdens and costs, increased competition and trade flows with third countries , health threats, lack of generational relief or little or no aid. “And all of this is doubled when we talk about the sheep and goat herd, with a declining number of heads and with turnover, consumption and export figures that are reduced year after year”, explains José Friguls, who points out that: ” If a country does not defend its primary sector, it means that it does not take into account where we come from. If Spain wants to apply the strategic autonomy of the primary sector, as Minister Luis Planas recently explained, let’s start by applying it here.”

Extension of VAT on basic foods
Given the extension approved by the Government to eliminate or reduce VAT on basic foods, Anafric continues with the line started at the beginning of the year with a public position in favor of applying a super-reduced VAT on meats of 4%. “We would all benefit: consumers, because with the same money they spend buying food they can buy more and include meat and other essential foods, nutritious and quality foods in their Mediterranean diet; butchers and delicatessens, along with fishmongers, because their quality product would have an outlet and they would not have to think about whether we closed this month or not, and to the Government, because despite lowering VAT, a greater number of consumers purchased these foods, so the collection would not have to lower”.

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