Juan Pascual presents the book ‘Reasons to be omnivorous’

The book ‘Reasons to be omnivorous’ written by veterinarian Juan Pascual, vice president of Elanco Animal Health, has been presented at the headquarters of the College of Veterinarians of Madrid.

The main objective of writing this book has been to contribute to “training” citizens in what it means to eat healthily with scientific criteria, without being carried away by currents that “demonize” the consumption of products of animal origin.


In his presentation, Pascual offered very interesting data such as that, according to the FAO, 86% of what livestock consume are resources that DO NOT compete with our food (pastures and byproducts from multiple industries). Without livestock activity, he pointed out, 3000 M MT of byproducts would go from being food to becoming waste. In addition, 50% of the fertilizer is of animal origin and the land on which livestock grazes is less susceptible to being destroyed in fires.

In the book, the author offers figures that highlight the lack of scientific basis for statements made in the media such as that “meat is bad” or that “livestock farming is responsible for climate change.” In fact, “leaving aside the rest of the factors, it has been shown that in countries that consume meat, life expectancy is higher,” he said.

You can read the full news in this link.

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