June 23 lamb day. Consume lamb meat: One flavor, many benefits

Consuming suckling lamb, lamb and goat meat is healthy, tasty and above all sustainable. This livestock sector is the one that best keeps the rural environment alive and active. Its sustainability is based on the environmental, social and economic benefits that this livestock and grazing have on territories and landscapes. The benefits also reach the consumer through its tasty, natural and sustainable meat. Lamb meat is worthy of being celebrated throughout the year for being respectful and beneficial meat for the environment and rural environment. Thanks to the fact that cattle continue to be grazed like hundreds of years ago, it helps to fix the population in rural settings.

Consuming lamb meat will help promote biodiversity and maintain traditional jobs such as grazing. In addition, now that summer is coming, sheep help remove large masses of shrubs and dry grasses, both on firewalls and in abandoned field areas.

San Juan. Let’s start again … with lamb and goat

This San Juan we celebrate Lamb Day by putting everything on the grill. This San Juan celebrates life with yours. What better occasion to eat grilled suckling lamb and lamb on San Juan? A holiday celebrated by millions of Spanish every year surrounded by your friends and family. The festivity of San Juan is the perfect day to dine for suckling lamb, lamb and goat meat. Tournedó, leg steak, churrasquitos and hamburgers are ideal cuts to prepare grilled. Thanks to its flavor and versatility, it will also be a dinner for the smallest of the house.

Celebrate that we meet again with lamb and goat.

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