June 23, lamb day: Grazing, sustainability and lamb meat

There are different types or model of livestock, the most widely used model for raising sheep is extensive grazing. That is, one that has a close relationship with the extent of the land where it develops. Extensive grazing is necessary to carry out extensive grazing. This territorial base provides sustenance for the sheep, since it is there where the animals have to feed.

There is no other place to find optimal land for extensive grazing than in rural areas. We are talking about natural ecosystems, which although they have been modified by man, pastures, groves, crops, fallows, scrub areas, etc. They produce vegetables in a natural way whose only possible use is to feed the herds.

It’s the time of the shepherds 

Extensive livestock farming is vitally important for safeguarding the natural wealth of a quarter of the planet’s land surface. This is what the UN says, specifically the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in 2015.

Extensive livestock farming favors biodiversity, the pollination of plants and their growth by fertilizing them with their manure. In addition, sheep prevent pastures from burning and clearing the forest, protecting it from devastating fires. As if that were not enough, according to the aforementioned UN report, the promotion of extensive grazing could help prevent up to 10% of carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

And from this extensive grazing come our lamb and kid meat. The ones that we are going to consume today and always.

San Juan, the day of the lamb

On June 23 the sector celebrates the day of the lamb. What traditionally was a day to gather and celebrate San Juan, today will again be a day of celebration and reunion in a country that, after three months of seclusion, needs to gather to celebrate. And nothing better than to do it around a barbecue with lamb meat at home with family and friends. Or order them through the companies that can bring you the different cuts at home.

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