June 23, lamb day. Ten tips for a perfect lamb barbecue and a few tricks

On June 23 the sector celebrates the day of the lamb. What traditionally was a day to gather and celebrate San Juan, today will again be a day of celebration and reunion in a country that, after three months of seclusion, needs to gather to celebrate. And nothing better than to do it around a barbecue with lamb meat at home with family and friends.

To organize a barbecue it is necessary to follow these simple tips. You will be well with your guests.


1. Shimmering grill

Light the barbecue and after five minutes rub with a paper to remove bad odors and grease from last use.

2. Plan and calculate!

If the lamb has bone, it will take about 500 grams per adult and about 250 grams per child. No one will be hungry!

3. Firewood or charcoal

Firewood or charcoal? The easiest and fastest way is to use charcoal, but if we have firewood, it is best to do it with hard, dry oak-type wood.

4. Ignition without odors

Use pineapple or dried branches to light the barbecue. Ignition tablets leave a certain chemical flavor.

5. Check the time

Timing is key when making a barbecue, both to control the coals and to cook the meat. The coals should be prepared an hour before starting to eat.

6. The perfect embers

The flame has to disappear almost completely and the heat must be distributed evenly over the entire surface. Then it is time to put our meat.

7. Houston, we have a problem

If flames are ever fanned, the best trick to end them is to add salt.

8. Suitable temperature

The meat must be tempered before placing it on the grill. Take it out at least an hour before so it doesn’t stick.

9. 5 + 5

If the fire is adequate, it is enough to make the lamb chops five minutes on each side so that they are crispy, at a height of about five centimeters from the coals.

10. Don’t get seasick

In order for the lamb to be juicy, it is important not to make it dizzy. Pieces should not be turned until they are fully cooked on one side.


Some tricks that will help you get a well-cooked meat:

  • Choose the time to add the salt. Supporters of salting meat before grilling argue that it tastes better this way, others differ and advise salting meat after grilling. They ensure that the meat loses less juices, making it more tender.
  • Turn each piece over once and use a tweezer rather than a sharp instrument. This will prevent juices from being lost every time it is punctured.
  • Take care that the coals do not go out while you cook. So if you are going to prepare a large barbecue for many people, we recommend keeping a space with burning wood that generates embers and feeds the barbecue.

Or order them through the companies that can bring you the different cuts at home.

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