Leather Cluster Barcelona commemorates World Leather Day

For the third consecutive year, the international organizations of the leather sector, Leather Working Group (LWG) and Leather Naturally (LN), have jointly promoted the celebration of World Leather Day. World Skin Day, celebrated on April 26, is a global campaign that aims to raise awareness among society about the benefits of skin.

The central theme in this third edition of 2024 has been repair, reuse and exploitation, emphasizing the durable, repairable and versatile qualities of leather that make it the ideal material for a circular society.

The leather and its industry promote very sustainable environmental practices. On the one hand, the use and recycling of the by-products of the leather process and their recovery and reuse in new products, on the other, the long useful life of leather articles, contribute to reducing the environmental impact.

Leather Cluster Barcelona supports the initiative and joins the celebration of World Leather Day, claiming leather as a reference for the circular economy and an example of sustainable fashion.

Leather Cluster Barcelona is a competitive cooperation environment to promote transversal and transformative strategic projects with the aim of promoting the ecosystem of the leather sector. The cluster is an accredited entity within the Catalonia Clusters program and has the support of Acció.

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