Leather Cluster Barcelona participates in the Comisión de Trabajo del Agua of the Unión Empresarial de la Anoia

 Leather Cluster Barcelona representatives have participated in the Water Work Commission of the Anoia Business Union to be able to agree and unify criteria with all the companies in the Anoia region (Barcelona) and to be able to present proposals to deal with water policies and the restrictions that affect the business fabric.



Leather Cluster Barcelona presents all its experience and knowledge on good management and water saving with the Igualadina de Puración y Recuperación S.L. treatment plant. (IDR), one of the pioneering plants in Europe in the treatment of industrial waste water and which has become a benchmark for the water industry.

During these years, the plant, which treats every day the water generated in the leather transformation process of the tanning companies in Igualada associated with Leather Cluster Barcelona along with that of other industries, has been visited by technicians and professionals from the sustainability of more than 30 different countries.

In this context where the growing problem of water supply in Catalonia is a serious concern and within the horizon of Zero Waste in the tanning industry, for months IDR and Leather Cluster Barcelona are working on a project to give a second life to purified water, with the construction of a Water Regeneration Station (ERA).

This ambitious project for the construction of an ERA, consists of treating the effluents of the IDR purification plant (the water leaving the plant already purified), to obtain a flow of ultrafiltered water and also osmotic water (practically pure water) and another of salt water, reusable for the tanning industry or for other uses.

After that at the end of 2023, the regenerated water from the IDR treatment plant was already available for use in the tanning process of the tanneries, Igualadina de Puración y Recuperación and the leather cluster, have continued to advance in research for the project of WAS.


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