Leather Cluster Barcelona renews its Board to face the strategic challenges of the future

The cluster held an Extraordinary General Assembly at the end of December at the Adoberia Bella, where a significant number of partners participated and had, as the highlight of the agenda, the renewal of the Leather Cluster Barcelona Board of Directors. They were appointed President Bernat Vilarrubias representative of Igualadina de Puración i Recuperació, Vice President Xavier Badia of the company Curtidos Badia and Secretary Jaume Suriñach of the Adovinbe tannery. The new additions to the Leather Cluster Barcelona board are: Xavier Marginet from Fontanellas y Martí, Salvador Esquerra from Quimser, Raquel Camacho from the Gaspar school of art and design, Blai Paco from Intarex, Sandra Quílez from Nquart, Simó Escayola from Loewe and Marc Rius from Komunicalo.



Goals of the new board

The proposal of the new Board of Directors was made thinking of strengthening the presence of the entire value chain and to promote transversal projects to face the strategic challenges in terms of circular economy, sustainability, innovation or communication and image, among others.

One of the objectives of the cluster for the coming years is to get even closer to the consumer of leather goods to gain in-depth knowledge of purchasing habits, consumer trends and the perception of the image of leather products. In this sense, to bring Leather Cluster Barcelona closer to this reality, representatives of ateliers and fashion brands have joined the new Board of Directors.

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